Convert your files to any format.

Hi friends. After quite a long time I am back with another pair of cool websites. These are a bit different sort of websites, these can be used to convert your files from one format to another and we quite often need to convert our files. So, if you do not have the file converter software, you can make use of these websites. I will soon be back with some more stuff.

The revolving Internet

google revolving(

Hi, friends. After a long time I am back with another cool website. The earth revolves 24X7.. so does our new coolest website. It is the Google search page that keeps on revolving with a nice music. You can type your search in it and the results that appear also keep on revolving.It is just another great example of cool web designing. Take a look at this wonderful website, I am sure you will definitely like the amazing work. 

Flame painter

Hi friends. This  is a cool website that has a flame painter. You can paint with your mouse pointer. You can also choose different colors or opacity and many other things to make your painting a masterpiece. So just start painting. The most awesome thing is that you can download your paintings as well by clicking on the save button the webpage. Just take a look at this beautiful work.

Spider and the dog

Hi frens. I am back with another cool site. This is an amazing webpage that you might have never seen before. The page has a spider that moves with your mouse. After some time a dog comes and follows the spider. When the spider goes below the legs of the dog, it lifts the leg up and if you click now, the dog jumps. Its great to play with the dog and the spider. I just spend about 15 minutes with it. try it out and leave your comments.